How to Join the Texas National Guard

The Texas National Guard is an arm of the state government that has been active since July 1, 1917. The reason for having the force is to be prepared to aid the state in times of crisis or emergency.

The duties of the Guard are a wide variety.

Including special training for those who want to enlist in the Guard and assisting in disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and wildfires. The duties of the Guard range from providing security at certain sites to guarding prisons.

As the name implies, the Texas National Guard is made up of all men over the age of 18. The only exceptions are in the case of reservists. When it comes to those in the Guard, however, the current number of men being recruited each year is only small in comparison to the many women that enlist in the Army.

Many other service branches have restrictions on the age of those who can enlist. The only branches that are not subject to this restriction are the Reserve and National Guard. The only real difference between the two is the experience they have and the enlisted members of the Guard do not have the same experience as those of the Army.

If you think you might be a candidate for enlistment, you need to know how the recruitment process works. Of course, it is important to understand how the process works to help understand how to go about signing up. In order to enlist, a person must first obtain the necessary documentation that qualifies him or her for the service.

To be eligible for enlistment in the Texas National Guard, someone has to be a citizen of the United States. One other requirement is that they must be of legal age and in good physical condition. One also needs to agree to abide by the regulations of the military.

Signing up for the program is extremely easy. Anyone over the age of 18 and who lives in Texas can apply. Those who live outside of the state and who have a high school diploma or its equivalent are also eligible to enlist. These people must meet requirements regarding their educational and work experience.

A recruiting station is available at any recruiting station in the state, but the recruiting office of the Texas National Guard does not issue ID cards to those who enlist. The enlistees must obtain the ID cards through the local office of the Texas National Guard.

Federal law requires all enlistees to swear an oath of loyalty and to serve as Americans.

One is also required to take an oath of service to the state, as well as their country. Upon signing up, the applicant is also required to agree to abide by a certain code of conduct that has been established.

Before enlisting in the Texas National Guard, you will be given a medical exam. You will be asked to identify your health status and to answer questions regarding your educational background. The medical exam is used to determine if the applicant is fit to serve.

Once you meet the standards set forth by the military, you will be given an application to fill out with the Texas National Guard. Your signature must be present on the application.

  • The completed application will then be sent to the relevant recruiting station for processing.
  • After receiving the application and passing the verification process, you will receive a letter of induction with instructions for the next step.
  • Once you get through the application process, you are now ready to sign up with the Texas National Guard.