What the History of the Texas National Guard Has to Do With the Public

The history of the Texas National Guard is one that people rarely see. This is because the unit was originally formed in 1915 to protect the oil fields along the Gulf of Mexico. Since then it has gone through many changes, and it has also become a unit that a lot of people have never heard of.

It wasn’t until after World War II that people really began to notice the unit.

At that time, it was a unit that was on the forefront of being a part of the armed forces. That’s when it changed its name from the Reserve Militia to the Texas Army National Guard.

From there, the unit took off. The numbers grew, and people became more familiar with it. The unit continued to grow, and eventually it became a branch of the Texas Army Forces.

In 1970, it was made into a full-service defense forces unit. During this time, the unit did not have to be on call all the time. They could actually become available for active duty at any time.

At first, the units were to only perform military service. This was a change that was put in place so the public would see that the unit was important. People did not really know that the guard was a part of the defense forces.

Over the years, the division has received a lot of perks that are actually included in active duty military service. Now the unit is one that performs various types of activities. It also offers a lot of perks.

The differences between this unit and other branches of the military are very important.

Many people do not know that the Texas National Guard is actually a part of the National Guard of the United States. That means that the unit can have a military status and perform the type of tasks that other forces cannot.

The unit also has a number of responsibilities. It can help control border patrol areas. It can provide security for certain political meetings.

Not only does the unit perform military service, but it also helps train other agencies. It can teach other departments how to conduct a drug bust or what steps to take when there is a terrorist threat. It also teaches how to handle crises at the state and federal level.

The unit can also provide training for law enforcement officers. It can teach how to handle an officer who is either injured or falls down. It can also teach how to handle weapons during special operations.

Since it is a part of the National Guard, it is covered by laws that protect military personnel. It has the same privileges as the active duty forces. It can only be used for jobs that the Texas National Guard requires.

  • There are lots of perks that the unit offers.
  • But one of the most important is the fact that the unit is completely protected by the government.
  • This means that it cannot be used to commit a crime.